Smoke Tube Type – OGHWG – ST

Special Features

  • Easy access for cleaning and inspection on water side
  • Low power hot water circulation pump is feasible since pressure drop across the unit is very low
  • Online drain / blowdown can be given
  • Reliable and robust components giving smooth and trouble-free operation


  • Orientation: Horizontal
  • Capacities: 2500000 kcal/hr and above
  • Max. hot water supply temperature: 140 deg. C
  • Fuel suitability: Light Oil, Light Diesel Oil, Diesel, Heavy Oil, Furnace Oil, LPG, Natural Gas
  • Burner: Own make, pressure jet type, ON – OFF / Modulating, fully automatic
  • Efficiency: Overall thermal efficiency of 93% on NCV of fuel with Heat Recovery Unit

Our hot water generators have applications in various types of industries like chemical, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, food processing, hotels, hospitals, dairy etc. where hot water is required for indirect and direct process heating purpose with low process temperature requirements generally up to 140 deg. C.