About Us

Our Story

Vast Factory provides customers and partners with technical and manufacturing expertise for the fabrication and erection of structural steel components. A manufacturing company that has specialized in designing construction solutions and custom manufacturing products since the late 1960’s. A leader in the steel construction industry based in Hamilton, recognized with exceptional know-how and outstanding quality of products and services.

It starts with our design methods. There’s a lot of discovery that goes into designing a building, and to make this easier for our clients we have developed a five step process that defines project success criteria and provides direction for decisions that impact architectural fees, construction costs, project viability and timely project completion. We like to call these five steps the iGTechnique and it’s all about tangible deliverables we incorporate to make your project successful.

Why Choose Us

We know what you really care about is a successfully designed facility. Here’s what we’ll do for you

Great Community
Our exteriors are visually interesting and recognizable to the surrounding community with a design that ensures the long-term viability.
Minimize Risk
We developed design firsts that are now industry standards. Our staff is highly experienced with an average employee tenure of 15 years.
Long-Lasting Designs
Our approach is holistic and emphasizes project outcomes that prioritize flexibility for today and exit strategy for tomorrow.

Our Partners

We have formed alliances with leading solution and technology partners to provide you with innovative solutions to the complex problems faced by your business.

It’s not just our in-depth expertise and our understanding of financial markets that allow us to tailor our consulting and application services to the needs of the financial services sector.

Our Great Team

James Walker
As James Building’s president, James is responsible for the company’s daily operations and all of its moving parts
Gary Morgan
Gary is known as a close-knit, family-oriented company that cares about customers and employees
Aaron Gross
Vice President
Bridging the gap from concept to reality, Aaron Gross is responsible for managing the design and build estimation.