HAG-SF – Solid Fuel fired Hot Air Generator

Special Features

  • Clean and contamination free hot air is available for application
  • Significant operating cost savings possible when compared with oil / gas as fuel
  • Reliable and robust components giving smooth and trouble-free operation


  • Orientation: Vertical
  • Capacities: 100000 kcal/hr to 1500000 kcal/hr
  • Max. hot air supply temperature: Up to 250 deg. C
  • Fuel suitability: Coal, Biomass Briquettes, Wood

Our solid fuel fired hot air generators have applications as replacement of oil / gas fired and electrical air heaters, steam radiators, thermic fluid radiators for dryers, they can be used as heat source for various types of dryers; tray dryers, fluid bed dryers, flash dryers, spray dryers etc. They can also be used as heat source for ovens, air curing chambers etc.