Special Features

  • External Combustion Air Preheater offered as Heat Recovery Unit to offer High thermal efficiency of 93% on NCV of fuel
  • High Life for Thermic Fluid and Coil due to high velocity turbulent flow in heater coil
  • Reliable and robust components giving smooth and trouble-free operation


  • Orientation: Vertical / Horizontal
  • Capacities: 50000 kcal/hr to 3000000 kcal/hr
  • Max. thermic fluid supply temperature: 350 deg. C
  • Fuel suitability: Light Oil, Light Diesel Oil, Diesel, Heavy Oil, Furnace Oil, LPG, Natural Gas
  • Burner: Own make, pressure jet type, ON – OFF / Modulating, fully automatic
  • Efficiency: Overall thermal efficiency of 93% on NCV of fuel with Heat Recovery Unit

Our thermic fluid heaters have applications in various types of industries like chemical, rubber, lube oil blending, edible oil, textile etc. where hot thermic fluid is required for indirect and direct process heating purpose with high process temperature requirements generally above 200 deg. C.